On September 22nd, we will celebrate 60 years of institutional life of our University, which from the beginning has been strongly committed to academic excellence, research contribution and its relationship with society. The results of these efforts are the innumerable contributions to national and global public health. Upon assuming the Office of the Chancellor last May, we gathered the feelings of the Herediana community and focused our efforts on strengthening excellence, which has always been our hallmark. Therefore, we implemented a set of improvements in management, as well as in academic and research aspects.

Furthermore, we have made progress in actions to apply Law 30424 on integrity and transparency in legal entities; ISO 37001 certification (anti-bribery); the application of compliance, which is the strict fulfillment of regulations applied by everyone; and quality assurance for continuous improvement focused on the student.

In line with our vision for the future, we have the following goals: 1) implement information technology with our digital transformation strategy; 2) continue with the international accreditation of our undergraduate and postgraduate programs; 3) generate an innovative, high-tech, flexible and customized educational approach; 4) consolidate a qualified teaching staff with continuous professional development; 5) coordinate with our students in fostering and preventing mental health; 6) strengthen the participation of our graduates as our ambassadors and join them into academic life; and, 7) continue to sign agreements with prestigious universities to strengthen our international presence and have more student and professor exchange programs.

Our vision for the future will be achieved with sustainable financing from diversified sources, not based on tuition rates, which will require an integrated, efficient and transparent economic-administrative management that is guided by procedures and results. In this context, we find very timely the biblical expression SPIRITUS UBI VULT SPIRAT on the coat of arms of our University, which means 'to be born again, from above, from the highest, to enter into eternal life'. It is also appropriate because the university community is facing the challenge of responding to changes with commitment and wisdom, in order to resume its role as a reference and guide for society.

Dr. Enrique Castañeda Saldaña




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