Office of the Academic Vice Chancellor

In accordance with the institutional mission, the Academic Vice Chancellor Office is proposing a management based on four pillarsthat are supported by our ideas and principles as Heredianos: i. defined, standardized and orderly processes; ii. effectiveness and efficiency in our actions; iii. timely and pertinent planning; and, iv. the establishment of effective communication with all the university bodies.

In terms of academic management, we constantly update the curriculum of our programs according to the current context, ensuring that they are dynamic, flexible, efficient and, above all, consistent.

We will update our educational model in line with the education of the future and the health and educational regulations of the government and SUNEDU through the implementation of a hybrid learning and teaching model, based on technological infrastructure as well as a responsible, progressive and conscious return to face-to-face teaching.

For this purpose, we will structure a training for life based on the development of global competences, ensuring that the undergraduate program provides a solid basis for continuing studies in second professional specialization, Master's, Doctorate and Post doctorate programs.

The talent of our professorshuman capital will be strengthened in order to enhance the defined profiles, support initiatives in academic, scientific and technological production, and consolidate the teaching career in our university.

The university services will be improved, paying attention to well-being and mental health, since these aspects are important for academic success; especially at this moment when many of our students have been affected by the devastating impact of COVID-19 on their loved ones.Our empathy will be tested here with honesty, solidarity and trust.

Dra. Yesenia Musayón
Academic Vice Chancellor


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