Scientific research at our university is fundamental to contribute with society, and it is also a key component of student training.We are currently developing 300 research projects per year, sponsored by domestic and global funds. We remain the institution with the highest number of scientific publications in the country. Our research management is based on three fundamental aspects:

1) To promote the development of high quality scientific research in the university community, by strengthening research training, increasing research funding sources, and carrying out effective management.

2) To strengthen internal and external communication on science and technology, and to improve the dissemination of the university research products through researching meetings, publications and social networks.

3) To establish mechanisms that regulate scientific research at the university in order to ensure that the practice is ethical and scientific integrity is applied, as well as the compliance of the participants and researchers.

Our excellent position in the Latin American and global rankings is our motivation to continue improving ourselves constantly, seeking always to develop social impact studies that tackle the main problems of global public health.

Dr. Carlos Cáceres Palacios
Vice Chancellor for Research

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