La Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia cuenta con 4 campus y otras sedes en los que se imparten clases y se ubican laboratorios y centros clínicos.  Todos en en la ciudad de Lima.  Estos se complementan, para generar un ambiente académico sobresaliente en el cual seguirás tus estudios.

San Martín Campus

Recently remodeled, the San Martín campus is located near major hospital centers to facilitate hands-on training for health sciences students. As of 2016, we have 25 000 sq. meters (269 098 sq. feet) of the new facilities, including a seven-story building with classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art labs, study, and research carrels, professors’ lounges, and academic and administrative offices. In addition, we have begun construction of a six-story building for the first Clinical Research Center and Rehabilitation Center. We also have a new central park, a multipurpose sports area, and fitness center, an outdoor multipurpose paved concrete sports field, and a multiple use zone for sports and the arts to accommodate 600 people. We have added 450 parking spaces. Our central campus holds the labs, classrooms and university clinics where all the undergraduate programs classes are taught from the second year on, except for Psychology. The campus houses the Provost’s office. All undergraduate classes for Health Administration, the programs of Sciences and Philosophy, Education, Stomatology, Nursing, Medicine, Public Health and Health Administration, Veterinary Medicine, and Zootechny/Zoology are taught on campus. The Víctor Alzamora Castro Graduate School and the Directorate General of Administration, as well as many other services for the students, such as the library, cafeterias, spaces for sports and recreational areas and gardens, are located in the San Martín campus.  


More than 100 Research and Development laboratories for students’ use, and for the research projects the University uses.


Stomatology Clinic.

Veterinary Clinic; located in a building adjacent to the San Martín Campus.


We have one of the most comprehensive libraries of Science and Health in Latin America.

Cultural and Sports Facilities

Students have available sports fields, rooms, and halls where they have access to complementary courses, music lessons, dance classes, and a variety of cultural activities, particularly the University Music Group (Tuna de la Universidad).


Covered parking for 450 cars

Miscellaneous services

Students have an available bookstore, cafeteria, vending machines, copy centers, emergency medical attention center, among other services.

Avda. Honorio Delgado 430, Urb. Ingeniería, district of San Martín de Porres, Lima 31, Perú



Centrally located, the site in Miraflores has classrooms where postgraduate classes are taught. Also on this site is the preparation center, Pre Cayetano. This is where many applicants go through pre-admission studies.

Av. Armendáriz 497, Miraflores, Lima 18, Perú (three blocks away from Larco Mar mall)



La Molina

Inaugurated in 2008, the campus in La Molina is the location where all undergraduates take their first-year classes, for all careers and degrees at the University. All courses in Psychology are provided here. It also offers the following services:

Research and Development laboratories at the School of Psychology


The library at La Molina holds more than 4 500 volumes of printed materials for the first year of studies in all programs. Also houses the complete University’s Psychology library.

Sports and Cultural Areas

Sports field, gardens and halls for cultural activities where students practice from the first semester to complement their university life.

Miscellaneous services

La Molina provides a cafeteria, vending machines, copy center, emergency medical attention center, and parking, among other services available to students.

Calle José Antonio Encinas N°310 Urb. El Parque de Monterrico, La Molina, Lima 12, Perú



Santa María

Currently under development, the university’s Ecological Scientific and Academic Complex (CCEA) is being built at the Santa María Campus. This facility will provide resources for research on specialized environments for large or small businesses and for multidisciplinary research and development teams to develop a better connection. Map